I wonder if anyone will read this.

I struggle with B.D.D. (Blogging Deficit Disorder). Every now and again I get the urge to write down some profound thought that I think the entire world needs to know. But then, as expected, as soon as I sit down to type it out I forget everything I had ever thought that I wanted the world to know.


Love - Hate

I hate it when you like something so much that you end up indulging in whatever that certain something is. Then as a result of your lack of temperance you end up hating it. I hate that.


A Reluctant Blogger Under Siege

"Today is always in the present. Yesterday is always in the past. Tomorrow is always in the future."

"I'll do it tomorrow," I said.

"No brother, today is the day!" Thomson declared, "that you will write a blog!"

So I did.